Underwater Engagement

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2月 7, 2016
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Underwater Engagement

Couple gets engaged with Seawalker
CAIRNS, Australia
29 March, 2016

A Chinese tourist took the ‘plunge’ over the weekend and proposed to his girlfriend while underwater on the Great Barrier Reef.

Wang Nan, Australia & New Zealand Regional Sales Director for a major Chinese agency, popped the question to his girlfriend Gao Yang while participating in an exclusive Seawalker adventure on Green Island.

Harry Wu, Sales and Marketing Manager for Seawalker says, ‘Wang Nan was looking for an easy and safe, but unique idea to make the proposal unforgettable’.

Miss Yang was presented with a treasure chest which contained a waterproof sign in which Mr. Nan used to pop the question, as well as the engagement ring.

Allan Woo, General Manager, says, ‘Because the helmet allows participants to keep their hair and face dry, the couple could easily see each other’s expressions and read each other’s lips’.

‘We love to see the amazing reactions on people’s faces when they are presented with something unexpected.’

‘Normally the excitement is the sight of fish and coral, a proposal takes these expressions to the next level as we could see the tears filling her eyes.’

This is the only second marriage proposal that has taken place underwater with Seawalker at Green Island. The wedding is scheduled for August of this year.

For more information contact Seawalker @ Green Island 07 4041 7785 or email info@seawalker.com.au

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