Sea floor surprise for 200,000th walker

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March 30, 2016
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Sea floor surprise for 200,000th walker

Seawalker Green Island
CAIRNS, Australia
10 May, 2016

A honeymooner from Japan was the 200,000th person to walk the Great Barrier Reef at Green Island yesterday.

Satoshi Miwa from Nagoya Japan was surprised when Seawalker staff greeted him at the bottom of the seafloor with a plaque acknowledging the great milestone.
Mr Miwa said ‘I was pleasantly surprised!’

‘It’s totally a remarkable memory of our honeymoon.’

Although visitors to Green Island have the opportunity to explore the Great Barrier Reef with traditional scuba equipment, more choose the fun and easy helmet diving option.

Seawalker Green Island took home Gold at the 2015 Queensland Tourism Awards in the category of Adventure Tourism represented the state at this year’s Australian Tourism Awards in the same category.

Allan Woo, Seawalker general manager, said ‘We take great pride in being able to offer everyone who visits Green Island with the opportunity to experience the Great Barrier Reef in a unique and adventurous way.

‘Many of those who visit the island are not comfortable in the water; we remove that fear.’

Seawalker first set foot on the sands of Green Island in 2003. On its first day, the locally owned and operated company took 6 customers; today it takes over 17,000 customers annually.

Karl Kuhle, Seawalker owner, said, ‘it has been an incredible experience working with a fantastic crew in what has to be the best tourism destination in the world.

‘200,000 guests have now had the Great Barrier Reef experience of a lifetime with us, and that is just amazing.’

Most of Seawalker’s customers travel all the way from China and Japan to see the Great Barrier Reef.

Harry Wu, Seawalker’s sales and marketing manager, said, ‘people like Mr. Miwa are looking for an activity which can offer world class beauty in an easy and safe way.’

Green Island is the most popular island destination from Cairns and is a 45 minute ferry ride with Great Adventures or Big Cat Green Island.

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