The most popular activity
in Great Barrier Reef

Commonly asked questions in Seawalker

1Are all seasons suitable for seawalker?
The complimentary wet suits keep your body warm even when the water is cold!
2Will the water pressure make me uncomfortable?
You will descend down the ladder slowly, so it’s pretty easy to equalize the pressure. The specially engineered helmet lets your head stay dry the entire trip.
3Is there a minimum or maximum age limit to do Seawalker?
The minimum age is 12 years old, but there is no upper age limit. It is just so easy to do Seawalker!
4How deep will we go?
Your instructor will guide you down to around 5 meters deep, so you can see school of fish and colourful coral. This is an ideal depth to experience the reef in a stress free environment.
5Will the rain or cloudy weather have an effect on me to do Seawalker?
You will be walking alongside the coral and fish under a special platform, therefore, even during bad weather you will still be able to have a great viewing experience of the underwater marine life.